Based on the sites that are part of the historical and cultural heritage of Armenia


Articulate witnesses of the past
The collections includes the wooden map and commemorative medals

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Articulate witnesses of the past

We have created a collectionof maps over 5 types. The collections  have cultural, touristic, educational and entertainment significance. The maps indicates that all provinces of Armenia are home to ancient monasteries dating back up to the 3rd and 4th centuries. This comes as proof of the century-long history of the Armenian people who build their historical homeland and live in prosperity.The collections include commemorative medals with images of monastic complexes. This is a unique product that makes Armenian historical cultural heritage known in the world, as well as features the Armenian love and faith towards Armenian culture. We believe that cultural monuments are rare threads connecting our past and future. They should be preserved for future generations.  

Our Journey

The Armcoin company was founded in Armenia over two years ago. The company promotes local production of commemorative coins, as an innovative way of showcasing cultural heritage of Armenia. This program aims to boost tourism, generate new jobs in Yerevan and provinces, activating the life of local people. It should be noted that all product and vending machines are made in Armenia, this is an absolutely armenian production, by design to the complete look of the product. What we offer is a unique, less repetitive souvenir: beautiful, small national jewellery, which will make our culture and history recognizable. These souvenirs showcase touristic places and structures of historical significance, become important means for tourists to understand Armenian culture and perspectives, as well asfor people who live far from Armenia. This is a Small Armenia that we can have in our hands.

The coins are made of brass fusion and represent a unique gift for all, who can contribute to the dissemination of the Armenian historical heritage and Armenian culture.
Thanks to a wonderful team, we have created a unique collection of commemorative coins - 75 names: early Christian sacred places, museums, cathedrals, temples, monasteries. Let us recognize, discover, value and share every relic of our national heritage together.

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