1. In what country is your product manufactured?

    All products of ArmCoins are manufactured in Armenia. We aim to
    promote local production and generate new jobs in Yerevan and the RA

    2. What metals are the commemorative coins made of?

    Now the Armcoin LLC produces coins made of brass fusion, however, it plans to
    use other metals in the production as well.

    3. Is it possible to order other types of commemorative coins that are not in your product range?

    Yes, it is. You can order the image in advance, using which we will make a ready-made commemorative coin with our designer and send to you.

    4. Is it possible to deliver coins outside the RA?

    Yes, it is. You need to order the coins on www.armeniancoin.am, after which you will receive your product within the specified timeframe.

    5. Based on what principles were the site names chosen, on the image of which the commemorative coins were designed?

    The chosen sites are exclusively Armenian Apostolic Churches, cultural and architectural centers.

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